Family loyalty tested by Battle at Bristol

Hundreds of RVs filled with fans surround Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend for the historic matchup between the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

At most of the campsites, they're either rooting for the Vols or the Hokies.

But some families are seeing their loyalties to one another tested by the big game.

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Melissa and Mark Day have been married 23 years and are experiencing this first hand.

“It’s a bucket list experience because we’ve been excited about it now for years knowing it was going to happen. Even when we first met they talked about it happening down here so we are excited,” Melissa Day said.

Melissa went to Virginia Tech, while Mark went to the University of Tennessee. While they sometimes root for each other's teams, all bets are off this weekend.

They try their best to show support for each team equally with a flags, signs and even chairs supporting the Vols and Hokies.

But no matter what the outcome is of the Battle at Bristol, they say they've learned over the years that it's just a game and they plan to have a good time because they'll still be together.