Vols give each other team superlatives

The Vols gave each other superlatives before the season began.

WBIR 10 Sports put the Vols to the test and asked them for common team superlatives. The results were...mixed.

Who is the best looking on the team?

Jalen-Reeves Maybin: "Man, I can't answer that."

Jalen Hurd. "Me, for sure."

Joshua Dobbs: "I can't judge a guy."

Jason Croom: "I'm not going to say nobody else looks better than me. "

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Jack Jones [after a long pause and a wink]: We'll let the people decide."

Quinten Dormady: "I'm definitely first, but [Josh Malone] is a close second."

Josh Malone: "10 times out of 10 in a better looking competition I look better."

Who's most likely to become a billionaire?

Micah Abernathy: "[Josh] Dobbs."

Because he's the quarterback?

Micah Abernathy: "No, because he's really smart."

Trevor Daniel: "Dobbs is super smart."

Quinten Dormady: "I'd have to go with Dobbs because I don't know who else could be a billionaire."

Todd Kelly Jr. "Probably my friend, Josh. He's into this aerospace engineering...I told him if he did that, I need to have him give me one percent in it."

Jason Croom: "I'd have to say Dobbs. He don't need ball."

Who's the best dressed on the team?

Aaron Medley: "I can tell you who's not."

Jason Croom: "Alvin Kamara."

Darrin Kirkland Jr. "Alvin Kamara...He's always coming up with something different."

Aaron Medley: "I'd probably say Dobbs. He's got his own swag."

Quinten Dormady: "Once again, it's me."

Josh Malone: "Once again, don't listen to him."

Quinten Dormady: "Todd Kelly Jr."