Well, when I was asked to write this biography, I had to remind myself to remain humble. Because absolutely no one has more to be humble about than I do! I have no championships like Coach Summitt or Coach Fulmer. I have no awards like Robin Wilhoit. And I have no money like the people that own Gannett Broadcasting do.

I have, however, been your Traffic Doctor for 20 years now. And I thank the listeners and viewers of WIVK and WBIR for that. When I started at WBIR, my morning anchors were Carl Williams and Adina Chumley. I have managed to run-off many good people here since then.

I have been married to the fabulous Saundra Kay for 20 years and we live in Lenoir City. You probably already know I like to have fun, but only after we give the most accurate and timely traffic information we can- each and every time. I hope you all will keep watching and listening for along time longer(Or at least until I pay off my mortgage) Thanks for all the fun!!

If you'd like to reach out to Ed, please email him at edrupp@wbir.com.