(WBIR) - The Knoxville Zoo set an attendance record for the month of May.

And a big boost came during the final weekend when close to 6,000 people walked through the gates.

"This is the biggest general attendance month that the zoo has had in its history for the whole month of May.

We've had over 65,000 people come to the zoo and that's a record breaker for us," explained Executive Director Lisa New.

Attendance isn't the only record the still unnamed infant is breaking.

"It's the first time ever in Knoxville Zoo history and the first time in the state of Tennessee in 30 years that there's been a baby.

"So it's a pretty rare occurrence - and we've got another one coming, too," said Phil Coclough, director of animal collections.

Hope delivered her baby quietly last week.

Turning the gorilla habitat into a place for two babies has been a challenge for the zoo's staff.

"Our male (Bantu) has never been a father before so that was kind of a wildcard at the beginning. We wondered what he would do and how he would respond to this baby, and this new dynamic in the family, and he's been perfect," said Colclough.

The new baby is even drawing crowds on a Monday - a typically slow day.

"A local had told us to seek this exhibit out when we stopped for lunch," said guest Shane Barth.

Zoo staffers say they saw 4,000 visitors on Saturday.

That's 1,000 more than a normal Saturday.

A second female gorilla, Machi, is also pregnant and could give birth in the coming weeks.