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Calling all collectors! | Collectors hold Funko Pop exchange in South Knoxville

Fans came together to exchange Funko Pops at a South Knoxville comic shop on Saturday.

Comics, movies and games are about having fun with people who enjoy similar interests, and Funko Pops are about showing those interests off. So, fans got together Saturday to exchange vinyl figurines and talk about their favorite movies, comics, games and shows.

The Southeastern Armada of Funko Enthusiasts, or SAFE, met at Comics Exchange off Chapman Highway Saturday evening so members and fans could swap figurines. There were also chances to buy and trade Funko Pops.

"Literally from my grandmother to my nieces, it doesn't miss a mark," Blaine Moats said, a SAFE administrator. "It feels all-inclusive, it feels family-friendly, and it's one of the nicest things about it."

The figurines are designed to be cute versions of characters in popular films, games and comics. Rare ones can also be values at thousands of dollars.

Events to meet other fans and exchange Funko Pops are held at various comic shops throughout the year. To become a member of SAFE and find future events, people can visit the group's Facebook page.

Southeastern Armada of Funko Enthusiasts (S.A.F.E.) has 58 members. This is a safe place where people from all over the country can come and discuss their passions and collecting hobbies together, as...