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Comedian Leanne Morgan is smitten with new grandchild, continues to laugh despite pandemic

Comedian Leanne Morgan is sick of bad. COVID-19 silenced her stage act. However, 2020 hasn’t been all bad. Leanne is a grandmother for the first time!

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — From marquees to murals, comedian Leanne Morgan is a household name.

But COVID-19 silenced the laughs at least on stage, forcing her home instead of on the road.

“It’s kicked me in the teeth, honey,” said Leanne Morgan. “I was rolling, Beth. I was rolling.”

A tiny, new addition is her silver lining. 

“His name is Charles Wilbur, Beth. Is that not the yummiest thing you ever heard?"

Charles Wilbur is Leanne’s first grandchild. He was born on Dec. 8.

“We just stare at him and he smells good, we just smell of him. And, he looks just like Chuck Morgan, my husband. I’ve never felt like this with anybody else. He’s precious, but I know he’s not mine. Chuck and I want him to be ours. This is what we want to do, we want to still have Charlie at home and have his wife Mary, who we worship, come and live with us and let us all raise Charles Wilbur.”

Leanne has a nursery at her house.

“We’ve repurposed a bunch of stuff, so I’ve got a bed. We painted some furniture and put new hardware on it that looks beautiful. I‘ve got my own wipes and my own changing table.”

It’s a family fascination. 

“Honey, my middle one, Maggie, went and got pictures made with him and we got tickled because she had her own photoshoot with him. And, she said oh my gosh mom, I look like I’m his mother. We all laughed so hard because it’s not her baby. I know we sound psycho, but you know I’ve always been psycho.”

She and others have gone crazy over this picture. It’s of Leanne’s mom, Lucille, meeting Charles Wilbur for the first time.

“It is very sweet; he’s smiling at her. He took one look at her, and he’s never smiled that big before.”

And, after 29 years, Leanne and her husband are still smiling.

“Do you have big Valentine's Day plans with Chuck?” asked 10 News Anchor Beth Haynes.

“You know, Big Chuck, Chuckina, what I call him in private and on social media. He’s a Valentine's baby. Did you know that? You know what, this is terrible, I know I need to make out with Chuck in a target parking lot, but I bet you we’ll have that baby and that will be wonderful.” 

Leanne is still pondering what she wants her grandson to call her. She’s leaning towards Grand-momma.

Her shows will go on. Leanne’s booked a lot of Summer and corporate events.

Here are her latest tour dates as well as comedy routines on her YouTube page.