KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Kristian Bush of country duo Sugarland loves when life comes full circle.  His musical dream started in East Tennessee.

“I grew up here. These are all the places that I made my best mistakes,” Bush said.  “Home is specific. It’s a feeling. It’s a journey.  It’s a thing you never forget.”

The Grammy-winning country artist and multi-platinum selling songwriter and producer will certainly never forget his musical debut.

HomeGrown: Kristian and Brandon Bush, Sugarland

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At a very young age, Kristian and his brother, Brandon, opened for Dolly at the Bush Beans Jamboree, an annual event for the family business.

“I think that's a really strong statement to say we opened for Dolly, but yes, we did,” laughed Bush. “I mean there's something about the music that comes from this part of the world. It’s one part mountain and one part city and one part river and one part mud. It's amazing what happens when you squish all of that stuff together.”

His roots not only continue to influence his artistry, but also his parenting.

“I am working a lot right now at being a dad. I have two teenagers and I have to say it is a new level of the parenting video game. I had no idea it got this hard this quick. And, I realize how important it is to be a man and a father to a daughter.

While it's hard to impress his daughter- a collaboration of the song “Babe” with Taylor Swift got her attention.

“For a very split second, she called me and said, ‘Dad how is it that my 40 something year old father is cooler than me today?’ And I said, ‘That's because we have a song with Taylor swift. Take it!’

Bush and Sugarland partner Jennifer Nettles are back on the road this summer.

“We decided lets go out and try again this summer and maybe we'll probably write some more and make another record and then go really do it.”

Before that, he’s touring with actress and artist Rita Wilson in June.

“She is such a master storyteller.  And. it's also odd to be in her living room and Tom Hanks walks by in his socks and I’m like, ‘Oh, I forget that's your husband.’”

His Sugarland partner Jennifer Nettles has shared the small screen with Dolly, but the country duo has never performed with her.

“Wouldn't that be cool? You know, I’m game for just about anything and you know Jennifer and Dolly are close. Nothing is impossible in Sugarland. That's what I’ve got to tell you.”

Bush's new single Summer Time Six Pack drops May 31st.

In addition to his solo career and the Sugarland tour, Bush has written a musical and produces music for other artists.  He’s also started a new rock/Americana band called Dark Water.