CORRYTON, Tenn. — Gibbs Elementary School staff members got a surprise visit from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Staff members are huge “Game of Games” fans and decided to play a “Taste Buds” tournament at their faculty meeting.

They tweeted a photo to the show, and Ellen decided to surprise them during another faculty meeting over Spring Break.

The faculty thought they were just talking to a producer from the show, until Ellen came on the satellite feed to say hello from Burbank, Calif.

Ellen also sent her correspondent Jeannie Klisiewicz to give them a chance to play “Taste Buds” for a huge prize, if they could get each other to guess five foods correctly. 

They were able to guess all five, and for the final dish, the faculty received $20,000 for the school. 

Two faculty members also received VIP tickets to sit in the audience for Ellen's "Game of Games" with a chance to be selected to compete.