Knoxville — You can’t miss the KAT buses or trolley cars driving around Knoxville, but if you’ve ever had questions about them, then it’s your lucky week.

All week long, Knoxville Area Transit has special activities and promotions as part of “Try Transit Week.”

Tuesday is “Trolley Tuesday,” and the employees of the marketing department will be hiding prizes on trolleys throughout the day. Friday is “Free Rides Friday,” and you guessed it, all rides on KAT will be free all day.

The goal of the week is to educate people about the public transportation system that Knoxville has in place.

Monday, June 11
- Keep an eye on the KAT Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, as they reveal the brand-new "Travel by Transit" series.

Tuesday, June 12
- Trolley Tuesday: Prizes hidden on trolleys throughout the day.

Wednesday, June 13
The Market Square Farmers’ Market: Visit the KAT booth, where they'll be giving away lots of great items.

Thursday, June 14
Passengers can check out KAT on its social media pages for a chance to win prizes.

Friday, June 15
Free Rides Friday: All rides on KAT will be fare-free all day Friday, including the LIFT.

Saturday, June 16
Enjoy Neighborhood Group Rides to Market Square Farmers’ Market.