Maryville — Maryville College’s upcoming production of “Metamorphoses” is unlike traditional plays because the theater department had to incorporate a large 10x15 foot pool into the set.

‘Metamorphoses,’ a play written by Mary Zimmerman, is told as a series of vignettes ranging from ancient times to the contemporary and focuses on the transformation of life.

“The play brings these ancient stories to life in really engaging and surprising ways,” said Dr. Heather McMahon, MC associate professor of theatre and the show’s director. “Naturally, the novelty of the pool will be fun for audiences, but beyond that, I think the play’s stories are powerful, funny, endearing, tragic and uplifting— they run the gamut of human emotion. The play itself is constantly shifting and keeping the audience on their toes and entertained. Zimmerman is a master storyteller, and this play is a great example of that.”

The play runs October 11 through 14 at the Clayton Center for the Arts’ Haslam Family Flexible Theatre. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for seniors and students.