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The Maker City is ready for makers & creators to transition back to in-person markets

The pandemic had Knoxville makers transition to the online way of showcasing their creations, known as Maker Monday's.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — To all of you makers and creators - The Maker City is back in action!

As markets and craft fairs come back in-person, makers are ready to get out and show their products in-person.

When the craft fairs shut down, the Maker City council liaison Anne Templeton said makers still needed a way to make a living.

"We have a variety of makers and creators," Templeton said. "We have jewelry makers, we have painters, we have stain glass makers. There's musicians and poets."

The Maker Market Place took over online, becoming a huge success.

K-Candles owner Karoline Trejos found her own success participating with Maker Mondays. 

"I got a lot of support that way," Trejos said. "Many customers came back."

With the markets coming back in-person and allowing more people, the Maker City said it's shifted away from the online substitute. 

Trejos said this is a moment she's been waiting for.

"I can see your face, I can see your smile," Trejos said. "You can smell my candles. You know you can't do that online."

Over the past several months, she showcased her candles online and on Instagram. 

Trejos made her in-person debut this past weekend, showcasing all of her candles. 

"We are ready to be out there and they are ready to support us," Trejos said.

In 2020, the Maker City Summit was virtually held. This year, it will be held September 13-19 in-person.