1. Ok, tea is poured and I’m ready to go. I’ve switched out red wine for an elegant floral tea as my 'Thrones' beverage of choice ever since Cersei blew all my fave Tyrells to smithereens.  It's a matter of principle. That entire family deserved so much better. 
  2. Ooo BUDDY here’s the Season 7 recap! Narrate my life please, Tyrion Lannister. 
  3. Game of Thrones: “We will all die soon.”

      Me, from my couch: “YAAAZ you will!”

  1. I’m freaking my cat out; she's such a soft summer child. 
  2. Wow, I’m simultaneously really into these new opener graphics and crushed that this is the last premiere of this show, ever. 
  3. This song hypes me up so much I could honestly lift weights twice my size and run ten miles to it. 

7.  Okay, who is this fool juvenile frolicking through the woods? I’ve been at this for eight seasons and he’s putting out strong dies twenty minutes in vibes. 

8. Oh, okay, maybe he won’t die. He’s just looking at the squad of Dothraki and Unsullied storming through Winterfell.

9. Hmm, I’m into the winter haute couture look Dany is serving up, but I do wonder how she got it made during an actual war?

10. Jon and Daenerys switch from Westerosi power couple to high school love bugs within the exact same scene and it's hilarious.

11. “He likes me likes me.” - Khaleesi. 

12. ARYA SEES JON. AAARYA SEES JON.  I think it’s cool that this scene is from Arya’s point of view, and she’s going super unnoticed by all these people rolling by. It gives kind of a unique perspective on how she operates as No One. 

13. Ah, and the Hound is next! Arya left him for dead, I’m excited to see how they address that. Gendry also follows. So many reunions in store for Arya. 

14. *Maester’s Note* This whole arrival scene is taking me back to the first episode where the Lannisters arrived to meet a very alive and happy Stark family. 

15. I like how Dany smiles like a little psycho as the Northerners scramble in fear from her dragon babies. 

16. Jon gives Bran the warmest welcome ever and Bran is cryptic and awkward as ever. 

17. Mmm, Sansa gives a super frosty welcoming to Daenerys. 

18. If the Seven Gods suddenly blessed all of Westeros with even the most basic WiFi setup, Bran's all-knowing warginess vibe would be a lot less cool. 

19. This head table is like the sloppiest family reunion ever. You’ve got Tyrion with Sansa, his ex-wife whose escape from King’s Landing set off a chain of events that led him to murder his father and girlfriend. Then there’s the newly together and very much related Dany and Jon. Ick. 

20. Seven hells Jon Snow spends like 83 percent of his time on this show trying to explain his decisions to people.

21. I do live for that subtle check Sansa just got. “Whatever they want.” Sansa’s a survivor, but Dany is a queen and she's not allowed to let her newfound relationship with J. Snow stop her from letting people know that. 

22. Tyrion is approaching Sansa. He’s hardly the worst of her ex-husbands and she treats him as such. 

23. Sansa is really not here for Tyrion trying to mansplain the inner workings of Cersei’s psyche to her.  She learned it all too well during her time as a prisoner in King's Landing. 

24. Eww, why is Bran looking at Tyrion like that? 

25. YES, I love that Arya and Jon are meeting in the Godswood. This is such a sacred moment. 

26. Oh, and they’re both rocking that vintage Warden of the North half-do! 

27. “She’s the smartest person I’ve ever met.” Sisters supporting sisters for maybe the first time in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. 

28. The truth of Jon’s true parentage keeps percolating in these first few scenes, even though he doesn’t know yet. 

29. Really good to see Yara again. I would be wondering why Euron wants to [CENSORED] so badly but I stopped questioning Iron Borne motives a while ago. That whole island is a frattish mess.

30. Yeah, no elephants because the entirety of the CGI budget went to dragons.

31. I love how they somehow managed to make the throne room at King’s Landing feel more and more isolated over the years. It feels like absolutely nobody is there now and so highlights how alone Cersei really is. 

32. Oh hey, Bronn! Guess he decided to stay in King’s Landing after that whole Wight Con situation.



35. Bronn oh my gosh! [CENSORED] 

36. Eww, Qyburn you dastardly little twerp. 

37. Interested to see his offer play out though. Bronn has developed close, friendly relationships with both Lannister brothers throughout the years. But he’s got a thing for gold, has always maintained he would do anything for money, and that might well include betraying them.  If you look beyond the laughter and friendliness of most his interactions with the Lannister brothers, he's trying to get more money out of them. 

38. That very hesitant sip of wine Cersei takes after Euron says he’ll give her a prince may be pretty telling. Does she just miss Jaime, or is she really pregnant? It still hasn’t been confirmed.

39. Theon deserved that hit he got from Yara. He also deserved the hand she extended to help him up. 

40. Seeing Winterfell tented out and preparing for war is taking away the joy of these Stark family reunions. This show is always hyping me up, and bringing me down my gosh. 

41. “The dragons are barely eating.” Dany is such an unapologetic crazy cat lady. 

42. Jon Snow about to hop on the dragon that Daenerys named after his father, her brother is unreal. 

43. No surprises, he’s a born dragon rider. The look Daenerys gives him is so [CENSORED].

44. I feel like I’ve already bought my season pass to whatever theme park decides to buy the show’s rights and build a ride based on this exact scene. 

45. Dragon’s Blood: The Targaryen Experience. Coming Summer 2025 to Universal Studios. 

46. Aww Gendry calling Arya m’lady is such a sweet reminder of the time they spent on the Kingsroad and at Harrenhal together. 

47. It’s like the years Sansa spent developing her practicality to survive are working against her.  She’s coming at Jon Snow for the Targaryen alliance, but I wonder what Brienne would say about this. She was sent to actually see the wight in King’s Landing in Sansa’s stead, and it’s obvious Sansa has never actually seen one. 

48. OOOh Samwell! Not only does he know Dany has a less legit claim to the Iron Throne than his Brother in Black, she had her dragons scorch his father and brother to death. 

49. Oh my gosh. This is so awkward. My heart hurts for Sam. 

50. Now he’s going immediately to tell Jon Snow. 

51. So much goes down in these crypts, I think these will continue to be significant moving forward. I feel like there's something we're still missing about the crypts, but I can't put my finger on it. If only Bran would STEP UP in these situations, huh. 

52. Glad to see Tormund, Beric Dondarrion, the Night’s Watch and Wildlings doing okay after that horrific undead ice dragon attack at The Wall. 

53. Not okay seeing those casual blue eyes of an undead Umber kid open. 

54. Eww that was one of the more chilling visuals of an undead person we’ve seen on the show. But I won’t complain. I’m sure it will get worse. 

55. Oh this hooded cloak is totally Jaime Lannister. 

56. Yup! One Kingslayer confirmed. Last time he was here he pushed a literal child out a window haha that's so awkward. 

57. Wow. And now that child is an all-knowing warg and The Third Eye Raven who can see exactly why he was pushed out the window. Eek. 

58. Jaime did push Bran out of a window, so it makes sense that he would give him one of his classic staredowns. But he also gave the same to Tyrion and that makes me nervous. 

59. Alright. We ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, but I’m very okay with that. I’m into how they let these big reunions between the characters breathe in a way they didn’t seem to do last season. 

60. Oh dang what is this Chernobyl trailer? This also looks really good. 

See you next week!