KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Garth Brooks is making a historic return to Knoxville playing in Neyland on Nov. 16.

"This is gonna be an event unlike Knoxville has ever seen," said Visit Knoxville President Kim Bumpas. 

The gates are opening for only the third time in known history for a musical act. It'll be loud, it'll be packed and it'll make history. 

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In 1984, Jackson 5 rocked the venue. The crowds were loud for the first time in history cheering on someone other than the Vols. 

In 2003, it was Kenny Chesney's turn.

Now 16 years later, Brooks is making a historic return for what's expected to be an epic night. 

"Garth Brooks, it's outside, in November the weather will be amicable, you have a beverage, there's 90,000 plus people there and the energy," said Bumpas. 

Bumpas said it's been in the works for months in partnership with UT and finally announcing it felt like Christmas morning. 

Garth Brooks to play Neyland Stadium in Knoxville in November

"I think it's gonna be an emotion and it's hard to describe it because you can't read about it you have to feel it," she said, 

Bumpas expects more than 90,000 fans to fill the seats. 

Jackson 5 performed in front of more than 148,000 and Chesney performed in front of more than 60,000. 

"There's not gonna be a bad seat in the house in my opinion."

And what about that thing we've been talking about for months now making it's Neyland debut this week? Oh right… beer. There will be beer at this concert, but Bumpas says that's not the only thing that sealed the deal. 

"It helps but I think it's the history of Knoxville the community and how welcoming and opening they are to visitors from all over the world."

So hold on to your hats vol fans, you might have friends in low places but you're about to have thousands in some high places too… even at the very tip-top of Neyland.

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