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Harrison Ford spotted in downtown Knoxville at Pete's Restaurant

It's true. All of it.

Knoxville was a little starstruck Wednesday morning.

Harrison Ford (you may remember him from his role as Han Solo in the 'somewhat popular' Star Wars movie franchise) was spotted in Downtown Knoxville.

No, he's not filming anything here. Turns out Ford happened to be in the area and wanted some breakfast, so he headed to Pete's Restaurant off Union Avenue.

We're not positive why Ford is Knoxville, but he's married to actress Calista Flockhart, who has family in the area.

So... what does a star like Ford order when he's at Pete's? He went with a classic to start his day off: an omelette. A southwestern omelette with a Greek wrap to go, to be more precise.

What are the odds of such an encounter? Actually -- scratch that. Never tell us the odds.

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