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Big music acts make their way to Knoxville

Kelsea Ballerini, Tyler Childers, Zach Bryan and more are heading to Knoxville to perform.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — More huge headliners are coming to Knoxville, and some people in the music industry aren't surprised Knoxville is on the map. 

Ashley Capps has been a music promoter in the area for around 40 years and is the executive producer for the Big Ears music festival. 

"I think now the secret's out," Capps said. "You know, Knoxville is on a lot of people's radar screens. It's a beautiful place to visit, there are all sorts of amenities to experience."

Kim Bumpas, the president of Visit Knoxville, said that Knoxville is attractive for artists for several reasons — including economic ones. 

"Knoxville is proven that we are a market that you should book in because we can sell the tickets," she said. "You know, there's a more quaint feeling by seeing the artist in Knoxville. But yet, you have access to all these big city amenities. And that's a huge draw."

In addition, Capps said Knoxville's location is ideal in a few ways, including its location near I-40 and I-75. Additionally, he said Knoxville's spot is part of a bigger story about American music in the 20th century.

"Modern music in the 20th century really started in New Orleans," he said.  "Went up the Mississippi River to Memphis, over to Nashville . . .  from Nashville, you go over to Knoxville, and then up to Bristol, which is considered the birthplace of country music these days."

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