A former UT professor with a history on the silver screen is back on Rocky Top.

Jim Self taught himself at UT before moving to Los Angeles to purse a career in movie music,

Since then, he and his tuba have appeared in more than a thousand films, including Jurassic Park, Home Alone, Finding Dory, and probably the most famous tuba solo ever--- playing the "Voice of the Mothership" in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Self says he only got that signature solo because his teacher was out of town.

"Tommy Johnson was on vacation so they called me, and it was probably the most important tuba solo ever in a movie," he said.

During his career, he's performed for over 1500 motion pictures and hundreds of television shows and records.

Self is on campus this week for a residency that will include performances of his music by UT students.

During his time in East Tennessee, he was also the principal tuba player for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra.