With several months until "Game of Thrones" is back on and a whole new flock of series coming to TV, we took the time to find some of the best picks to start watching in May.

1. "Vida" -- coming to Starz (May 6th)

“Vida” is a half-hour drama series focusing on two Mexican-American sisters from Los Angeles who are complete opposites. Circumstances force them to return to their old neighborhood, where they are confronted by the past and surprising truth about their mother’s identity.

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2. "Patrick Melrose" -- coming to Showtime (May 12th)

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the titular character who struggles to overcome the mental struggles he faces from a horribly abusive father and the mother who tacitly condoned his behavior.

3. "Reverie" -- coming to NBC (May 30th)

Mara Kint is a former hostage negotiator and expert on human behavior. She struggles with a horrible personal tragedy and becomes a college professor. But when she's brought in to save ordinary people who have lost themselves in a highly advanced virtual-reality program in which you can literally live your dreams, she finds that in saving others, she may actually have discovered a way to save herself.

4. "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" – Season 4 coming to Netflix (May 30th)

Kimmy Schmidt is taking New York by storm, after being rescued from a cult. She experiences everyday life with wide-eyed enthusiasm and brings her friends along with her in this zany comedy.

5. “Making Fun – The Story of Funko” - coming to Netflix (May 23rd)

From a small garage in Redmond, Washington to the furthest corners of the earth, “Making Fun – The Story of Funko” is centered around the fans and the global community that arose from their unique passion - a story that spans twenty years, full of joy, ambition, adversity, and toys.

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