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In the kitchen: pickled grapes

Century Harvest Farms shows us how to make pickled grapes as part of a charcuterie board.


1 ½ Cups White Vinegar

1 Cup Sugar

½ Cup Firmly Packed Dark Brown Sugar

2 TBS Coriander Seeds (Whole)

1 TBS Ground Cinnamon

7 Each Cloves (Whole)

1 tsp Salt

1 TBS Fresh Ginger (Sliced about the thickness of a dime.)

1 Each Fresh Jalapeno Chili (Sliced Thin)

3 Cups Grapes (Cleaned)


1. Combine the vinegar, sugars, coriander, cinnamon, cloves & salt in a large saucepan. Mix well & bring to boil over medium-High heat.

2. Remove from Heat, stir in the ginger, jalapeno & grapes, allow to stand for 1 hour.

3. Cover & refrigerate until cool.

4. Serve and enjoy. These grapes will keep in the refrigerator almost indefinitely

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