Tuesday night Knoxville's own Chris Blue became an instant celebrity when he won NBC's "The Voice."

However, Chris' long-time mentor Hallerin Hilton Hill, a radio host at 98.7 FM, said Chris' success is not by accident, but rather years of intentional focus.

"He started working out, taking dance lessons, working with a singing coach, doing all the things to refine his talent," Hill said, "so that when the moment of opportunity arrived, he would be ready."

Hill said he and Chris started putting pen to paper more than a year ago to make a plan that would allow Chris to share his light and love on a larger platform.

"He really wanted to want to be great, and he's willing to pay the price to be great, not just famous," Hill added.

When Chris went out to L.A., Hill said they would talk a few times a week, and closer to the end of the show, a couple times a day.

In those conversations, Hill said he encouraged Chris and told him he believed in him.

"He's special," Hill said. "He's really special."

During Hill's four-hour radio show on Wednesday, he spoke about Chris' work ethic and single-minded focus that helped him get to the top.

He said Chris didn't go out when he was in L.A., and he ate a clean diet so that his mind, body, and spirit were in tune for every performance.

"He did everything that was required of him behind the scenes so that everything would go right on the stage," Hill said.

While Chris' face looked shock when his name was announced as the winner, Hill said he had no doubts all along that he could do it.

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity," Hill said. "He was prepared."