It doesn't matter what he's singing, Chris Blue wants his voice to bring hope.

“That's what I like to produce, that's what I like to sing and that's what I hope to inspire people to have is hope when they hear me sing,” said Blue.

The 27-year-old has had a song in his heart since he could walk.

“He was designed to do this,” said his mother Janice Blue Williams. In my beauty salon he would get my shampoo capes and hairbrush and combs and sing to my clients and they would give them a dollar, and I thought this child was born with courageous and boldness.”

The youngest of seven children, Blue grew up watching his older siblings perform.

"I was always the little Michael Jackson on the side, just wanting to be up there with them, but I was just too little,” Blue said.

When he was three, he got his chance.

“It was a song called 'Doctor Jesus Said' and we get to this one part where like I’d bend down and do this high "for youuuu" and the church went crazy and I guess their response told my mom this kid's got something,” said Blue.

From that moment, he was part of the group. He and his brothers still perform as the “Blue Brothers” today.

Chris Blue and his siblings are known as the Blue Brothers. Courtesy Chris Blue.
Chris Blue and his siblings are known as the Blue Brothers. Courtesy Chris Blue.

The Blue family lived in a small Florida town before moving to Knoxville, traveling around to perform at churches.

“When you spend that amount of time on the road it takes a level of love to the next level and you bond and love each other even more,” said Blue.

Today, Blue blesses others with his voice as a worship leader at Cokesbury Church.

“Faith is not only necessary, for me in this journey, it is essential,” said Blue. “Without God, without Christ it wouldn't be possible, I would not have the voice to sing if it hadn’t been for him.”

Bringing his talents to the stage of NBC's hit show The Voice wasn't an easy decision.

“I always thought you are not good enough to go on this show and they won’t turn around for you if you do an audition, fear controlled me for so long, after praying about it for a while, to hear from God, 'Now is the time,' and here we are,” said Blue.

After his fiancée, Stephanie, went through a medical scare, he knew it was time to take some big steps.

“Her story was one that really motivated me and helped me,” said Blue.

Stephanie was battling cancer when she flat-lined during an operation last summer. She made it through, but the experience forever changed Chris.

So he popped the question and auditioned for The Voice.

"For the young boy or young girl sitting at home watching this show with the passion to do something more with their life but don't have enough courage to get up and do, I want to tell them they can do it,” said Blue.

Stephanie is now in remission and the couple plan to wed this July in her hometown of London.