TULLAHOMA, Tenn. — One firefighter in Tennessee stands above the rest — literally. And he is on his way to becoming a world-record holder.

Tullahoma firefighter Brandon Berridge is a towering seven-feet tall.

He was recently measured by Guinness World Records to determine if he is indeed the tallest firefighter in the world.

World record or not, Berridge's height comes in handy on the job. His colleagues said he's the 'go-to' man for changing smoke detectors.

"We're pretty good with each other, said Brandon Berridge. “I mean, it's a second family, so we spend a third of our life with each other."

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And when there's no room at the firehouse dinner table, he can always use the top of the fridge.

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"It is the perfect height for me, Berridge continues. "I don't have to slouch over or anything like that. The table is usually pretty full, so I grab a spot."

This story was originally reported by WCYB.