[SPOILER ALERT] If you're just returning to civilization after living with wildlings or you miraculously came back from a death-like state, the final season "Game of Thrones" is in full swing.

Predictions about the fate of Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon and other beloved/reviled characters are flying around the internet. 

Even Vols basketball players are not immune to the "GoT" frenzy. Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield took to Twitter to share their own theories.

Grant started the thread with an interesting take on Bran's role in all this drama. 

He followed that up with a sad prediction about Tyrion's ultimate fate.

Admiral, unfortunately, agreed with this theory.

As a bonus, Grant followed up with a bonus theory from a friend about Tyrion's family ties, which would make him a little less Lannister and a bit more Targaryen.

We'll just have to watch and see if any of these predictions are true. At this point, it feels like anything could happen, and honestly, this series is not exactly known for sparing our feelings. 

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