My name is Drew Lafasto, and I'm an editor at Channel 10. 

For me, I’m not huge on all-natural beauty products. Honestly, I cake my face in makeup because I’m a bit insecure having adult acne, but also like to have fun with all the eye shadow colors and lip stains that are out there.

So when I found out I would be doing natural skincare for one of our segments, I needed to do a bit of research! 

We visited the Beauty MRKT in the Bearden area of West Knoxville. The shop's been open for a little over a month now.

I went to the business’s Facebook page, because that seems to be the best way to advertise your business and reach out to potential customers. 

Their Facebook page promotes all-natural beauty products. Which mean those products have no ingredients that have those long names that are impossible to pronounce.

Visiting Beauty MRKT, I wasn’t sure what to expect! In my mind, “all-natural” looks seem to be making the rounds, especially for millennials and other people around my age. 

You know, having full eyebrows, keeping a dewy, fresh look (highlighter!), and using a touch of blush to keep some color on the face. 

This is a complete juxtaposition of what look I like to go for with work or going out. 

Exaggerated "night-out" makeup
Drew LaFasto

So for this, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went in bare-faced and ready to go to learn about more of the natural products they had there.

The most interesting thing to me that they had is something called “GLOW Inner Beauty Powder."

It's something you ingest, not put on your face. It’s supposed to help clear up any acne issues you may have from the inside out. I didn’t try any of it, since it takes two or three weeks to begin making a visually noticeable change.

I never really thought about it, though, that there’s some sort of supplement out there you can take to help your skin clear up. It doesn’t seem to be like the antibiotic medications you get from the dermatologist, but I don’t think that should be a reason to dock the product!

There were other face washes, serums, balms, and exfoliants there, too. Most of them seemed to have algae, seaweed, tea tree oil, you know, readable ingredients! 

However, I think it would take a skin test to determine how some of these products might react on your skin, especially if you're sensitive.

When we went to try some of the makeup on, we used two of the skincare products beforehand. I can’t recall which one it was for me, but I don’t think my skin really liked it because it did start to burn.

I made sure to go in barefaced as well so nothing would react with any of the products we tried. But, I thought to myself, "It’ll be okay, because I’ve had worse things happen to my face, you know, like acne!" 

The makeup brand they carried was something called ILIA-- a lot of those products were creamy. From the foundation to the blush, they were all products I don’t use on a typical basis! 

In my mind, it was a fun experience to try out this “all-natural” look and break out of my usual comfort zone with makeup.

The owner, Kelli Derieux, did mention before applying makeup that she has not put makeup on another person’s face, so I really appreciated her trying to put makeup on me – especially with the camera rolling. That’s a lot of pressure!

I wouldn’t say that after we got done with the makeup application that I looked how I like to look. I think for some people who can pull off the dewy, fresh look, they would totally love this brand of makeup. 

However, I don’t think it was something for me. I’m more of a cat-eye, weird lipstick, and exaggerated look kind of gal.

My makeup after a visit to the Beauty MRKT
Drew LaFasto

Kelli has these makeup brands at her store because the companies she purchases the products from are very particular about the ingredients. The companies are transparent about the ingredients and make sure there isn't anything harmful in them. 

I know a lot of beauty products, whether it’s makeup or a cleanser, don’t always have the cleanest, safest ingredients, and aren’t always natural, either. Some products don’t have a lot of regulation under the Federal Drug Administration.

So, she really cares to make sure she has certain brands that are under this all-natural, beauty umbrella. Especially for those who want to be certain of what they’re putting on their face.

I say, for anyone who wants to try the all-natural and clean look, this is probably the best bet because there is not another place in Knoxville like the Beauty MRKT!