The community is stepping in to help after a devastating fire at the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Refuge in Clinton.

Fire investigators said Monday's fire in the barn was accidental.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Department said it appears there was an electrical malfunction in the back of the barn.

The fire killed more than 20 animals. The animals that survived depend on food and other supplies stored in the barn.

The zoo takes in exotic animals from across the country. Some came from bad situations or their owners could no longer care for them.

The man who cares for them now, who runs the Little Ponderosa Zoo, is overwhelmed with the community support.

Tuesday, people dropped off hay and cash and suppliers showed up with specialized food exotic rescue animals need.

Shelter is a priority especially with cold, wet weather on the way. The animals are in trailers. All Occasions Party Rentals put up a giant tent which will serve as a temporary barn.

"We're getting our barn back. Now we need things to put back in there," James Cox said.

James Cox has put everything in to the Little Ponderosa Zoo. Looking at the burned out husk tears at his heart. But, he is confident he will find a way to replace the fences and cages and other necessities the fire took away.

"I am overwhelmed with how the community has come together to support us. It's amazing. We've heard from far and near and it's been great," he said.

A visitor stopped by Tuesday morning before it started raining.

"He asked me, James, is it always this quiet in the morning? And I said no it's never this quiet at 7 in the morning. You could hear a pin drop. It was like the animals were grieving and they know something has happened. They miss their little buddies and I guess we are all missing each other," he said.

James Cox survived what he calls the worst day of his life and so did many of his animals. He provided a home for them before and he will again as he promises to rebuild the Little Ponderosa Zoo.

"I knew that people loved this place and I guess I didn't know how much they loved this place," he said.

If you want to donate then he asked that you can go to the Little Ponderosa Zoo website.

He got a call about at least one fake "Go Fund Me" page.