You don't have to be a certain age or an Olympic-quality athlete to enjoy playing hockey.

In fact, kids have played hockey at the Ice Chalet in West Knoxville for decades.

One of those early skaters is Steve McCurry, who is now Director of Ice Hockey.

"To be honest I actually enjoy the coaching more than I do the playing," he said.

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One recent morning he offered coaching tips to hockey students Cooper May, Noah DeBusk, Luke Owens, and his seven year old brother Rhett.

"Being a goalie you have to like wear a glove because if it goes in the air you have to catch it like a baseball glove," Rhett explained.

The Owens brothers are beginners. They asked their parents if they could play hockey.

"After watching it on TV and the Predators and so they said they wanted to get into it," Kristy Owens said. "They love it so much. I mean they get up and they are ready to go and they want more. Any time they have the option to get on the ice they want to come and get on the ice."

The family plans to watch hockey during the upcomong Winter Olympics.

Steve McCurry is also looking forward to watching Team USA.

"See if we can win the thing this year," he said.