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Starting People Along the Road to Knowledge (SPARK) is a new option for young people of all abilities

In many ways it is an under served community: young adults with disabilities who have graduated from the school system.

A program that started earlier this month fills that need.

Games are a part of a new program in South Knoxville that goes by the acronym SPARK.

"We say Starting People Along the Road to Knowledge. We're just bringing them in and letting them take us down the road. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What can we do to help you?" Joel Simmons said.

Simmons is on staff at the East Tennessee Technology Resource Center: ETTAC. He runs the new SPARK program.

It's for people of all abilities. Staff members and ETTAC volunteers show up to play.

"Parents, siblings, friends, neighbors. We're more like a community center here. Inclusion is a big word so you really have to count everybody if you are going to use the word inclusion," he said.

Tuesday is game day and every day has a focus. Movies on Mondays. Wednesdays are set aside for art from drawing to sewing to pottery. Thursday is a time to plan next week.

"It's a place that's theirs. They feel comfortable there. They can be who they are. They can express themselves and not feel like they are going to be ostracized or made fun of. That's what I like. And it didn't take long just a with couple of days to where's so and so? Are they going to be there?" he said.

It's also a place to make friends.

SPARK offers a lot of options. It just needs people to participate Monday through Thursday from 4 to 7:30 p.m.

"I would really love to get in contact with people who have graduated from high school from the special ed program in the last two or four years. If you're not at school if you're not working come see us," he said.

Come see SPARK in South Knoxville.

The SPARK program cost $10 a day. Just show up at the ETTAC building on Childress Street Monday through Thursday at 4 p.m.