The only indoor Christmas parade in our area is a highlight of the Fantasy of Trees.

A special little girl is the Grand Marshal of the Babes in Toyland Parade.

Her favorite mode of transportation through the halls of East Tennessee Children's Hospital is a tricycle.

Six year old Charlotte Spaulding goes by Charlie. She spends a lot of time at ETCH.

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"They give me good medicines. They let me play a lot," Charlie said.

Her sisters Emma and Caitlin often join her to play. In fact, they look forward to the hospital visits.

Charlie has become friends with the medical staff .

"Looking at her now you wouldn't know how sick she was. You wouldn't know that she spent days in the PICU being loved on by the wonderful PICU nurses. Or that she's been in the ER so many times that they know us on a first name basis when we walk in," her mother, Lisa Spaulding, said.

Charlie said, "Whenever Mom and Dad need to go somewhere they check on me every few minutes."

Almost exactly two years ago blood tests showed Charlie has leukemia.

For her parents, Lisa and Josh, serious side effects from the chemo are a concern.

Lisa said, "The chemos that our children are taking were designed for adults, not for children. There's lack of research. So we're going to have to watch her for the rest of her life to make sure she stays healthy."

Josh said, "Her treatment end date is the first week of March, of this coming March. She'll probably tell you all about her upcoming trip right after that to Disney World."

She's never been but some friends have told Charlie what to expect.

"There's a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. There's ice cream that's free and you can get as much as you want," she said.

Before that, she's looking forward to Christmas and making decorations for the family tree.

"We kind of make our own decorations and put them on," Charlie explained. "We get a piece of paper and color something and then cut it out. We poke a hole in it, put some string in, then we hang it on the tree."

They are hanging their hopes on the experts at Children's who are helping the little girl through her battle with leukemia.

Josh said, "We're very excited about the last bit of treatment and just continuing to pray that it doesn't ever come back." :00

Lisa said, "She is the bravest little girl I've ever met. Once day I hope to be as strong as her."