Ladies, if you avoid working out because you're scared of being judged, then you're not alone. A new study finds 25 percent of women suffer from "gymtimidation." Plus, 37 percent of women feel other people don't believe they are "good enough" to exercise. And 33 percent of women worry others will think they don't know what they are doing, leaving them to ditch the gym altogether.

Jeopardy fans can now test their knowledge while they drive. In honor of the new season, fans can answer trivia questions from previous seasons through the Drivetime app. The app is voice-based, hands-free and there's a new game on it every day.

Mother- daughter trips taken once a year could help relieve stress, improve immune responses and decrease the chances of heart disease. Research from Harvard Medical School says these trips have similar benefits to a full night's sleep and a healthy diet. The study also show strong relationships and quality time could even help you live longer.