It's a splashing good time on a sweltering summer day.

A new mobile water park features a rope swing and a slide a high jump and some trampolines.

"It was really scary whenever you first jumped off the trampoline but once you had it down it was fun," 7-year-old Alexander Haun said.

As for the high jump...

"It's like jumping off a cliff 10 feet high," according to 10-year-old Evan Pyett.

Welcome to Jungle Float.

Scott Payne opened the attraction Memorial Day Weekend. He keeps it at Concord Marina then moves it to Rocky Point Park in West Knox County where it anchors for the day.

"I love the water. I love the water," he said. "When I can see what's behind me right now I am good. I am relaxed. I am cool. It is well with my soul. So being able to share this with people is just an awesome opportunity for me."

You cant to have fun but you have to be safe. Unless you are a certified life guard you have to wear a life jacket.

"No matter four years old or 40 years old they are going to wear a life jacket. Just because you're out there doing high jumps you're doing flips," Scott said. "Certified life guards on the float, most of the time there's a certified life guard on the shore line."

You are welcome to watch from the shore line or join in the fun.

David Pyett is a grandfather. He said, "It's great for the whole family to come if you like water and we do so it was good."

Check out Jungle Float Knox online to sign up and sign your waiver and pre-pay. The cost is $15 an hour.

"Get out here! It is a blast. You've got to experience it. The video, you can look on the Facebook and you can look on the website and see the videos but until you get out there and get chunked by that trampoline when you hit it, you just don't know," Scott said.

"It was fun," Evan said.

Fun for all ages, as David Pyett discovered at the urging of his grandkids.

"Come on Poppy. Jump Poppy. Do a flip Poppy. So you've got to live up to it."

There are other Jungle Float locations in East Tennessee with different owners near Dandridge, Rutledge, and Chattanooga.