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Knoxville musicians turn hospital into concert hall

Musicians with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra have been visiting patients at UT Medical Center for more than 10 years as part of its Music and Wellness program.

The sounds of classical violin replace the routine beeping at the Cancer Institute at UT Medical Center as violinist Sean Claire strolls through the hall of the chemotherapy ward.

Claire has been giving the impromptu hospital concerts for roughly ten years as part of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra's Music and Wellness program.

KSO is one of a handful of orchestras in the country awarded a grant to hire a board-certified music therapist to work with musicians and help them expand the program to more healthcare settings.

Angel Shanks, a patient there, said the music helps erase the stress of chemotherapy.

"You're just sitting in the chair with your mind on a million other things and he can walk in and play just a couple of songs. It can take your mind off of things," Shanks said.

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