Mrs. Setchell knows every dish, platter and teacup in her store by heart.

"Often, I'm asked, 'what is your favorite set of china,' and I always say it's whatever dish I'm holding in my hand,'" Setchell says as she looks around her colorful shop on Washington Pike called "Doing Dishes."

"I want people to come in the door and be surprised at all the different colors and shapes and styles and price ranges," she said.

You might also be surprised to hear that most of her customers are younger than the dishes.

"We have all kinds of really young people. I mean in their early to mid-20s coming in," Setchell said.

Like the record player, Setchell says fine china is coming back in style.

"In my grandmother's era, that was the Depression and they had nothing. During my mother's, they coveted everything," Setchell said. "During my generation, it was cabinets that were filled with dust collectors. But I think this generation really appreciates the artistry of it. They appreciate the art. They love entertaining. They use it. And, that is the best thing of all. "

Setchell takes pictures of every piece in the store because most of her sales are on Ebay. In fact, she says never intended to open her doors to the public in the first place.

"So many people came banging on the door saying, 'Is this a china shop? I heard this is a china shop. Let me in.' I really had no idea that there were that many people who enjoy china as much as I do." Setchell said.

It's hard not to enjoy the elegant dinnerware when on floor to ceiling of each wall in the shop, you can see every color, shape and style imaginable.

"Just because it's old, just because it's stunningly beautiful, does not mean it's expensive," Setchell said.

"Just because it's old, just because it's stunningly beautiful, does not mean it's expensive," Setchell said, pointing out the fact that some of the pieces in her store are only $1 and dozens more are less than $10.

"There are very few pieces of china that you'll ever find that are so valuable or so rare that you can't use them. And, I really encourage people to use it. It makes you feel special," she said.

"If you have a cup of tea in a beautiful, thin teacup, it's a good cup of tea … even if it's Lipton," Setchell laughed.

The bubbly shop owner said she hopes to give everyone the chance to serve a meal in style.

"When you set a beautiful table, you feel good about what you're serving. You feel good about your company. And, you have pride in your home," she said.