One mom-daughter duo is celebrating Black History Month in an adorable fashion - by dressing up as black women icons. 

Sasha Bonner and her 2-year-old daughter Riley are drawing inspiration from black women from all aspects of life - from athletes to politicians to popstars.

Photo tributes on Bonner's Instagram account include tennis legend Serena Williams, Shuri from Disney and Marvel's "Black Panther," and music icon Beyonce. She even dressed up as Georgia Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams

11Alive spoke to the Charlotte, North Carolina mom over the phone, who said the idea was sparked out of a need for a distraction.

"(Riley) had the flu, and we had a little bit of cabin fever, and needed to do something," Bonner explained. 

She said while they were home, they began reading "Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History," a children's book meant to introduce them to historic figures in a kid-friendly way - through cartoons.

"It has a lot of historical figures, and I was just thinking, Black History Month is coming up. Let's try something," Bonner recounted.

She said Riley is taking ballet lessons, so the first person she dressed up as was an obvious choice: American Ballet Theatre dancer Misty Copeland. 

"And she responded really well," Bonner said. 

The project, she explained, took off from there. And although Bonner said Riley doesn't fully grasp the project, she said it nevertheless has been a bonding moment for her and her daughter.

"I just wanted to give her a foundation," she said. "Something she could look back on and be proud of."

"She still has moments when she's over it," Bonner said. But, (probably not surprising to any parent of a toddler) she said she just puts on "Baby Shark" and that seems to calm the 2-year-old.

Bonner said she's been picking which black women icons to dress as mostly at random, but she said the lesson she hopes to instill in her daughter is anything but. 

"I want her to be able to know she can do anything," she said, explaining part of the reason she chose to dress Riley as Stacey Abrams. 

"She's (Abrams) not in my area, but she captured everyone's attention," Bonner said. "I want Riley to know she can do and be anything ... It doesn't matter your background - I just want her to be great. And in order to master it she has to have a vision."

"I want her to have a road she can walk down," she added. "It doesn't have to be someone famous, she can be whoever she wants to be, but she has to see it."

Bonner said she's gotten positive feedback on the Instagram posts, which have gotten hundreds of likes on the photo-sharing platform. She said all the attention was not the intention - she just set out to fave fun with her daughter. But Bonner said it's been a great experience to share with Riley. 

"It makes me feel good. I feel being a parent is very hard. She's my first and only child, and sometimes I think that I'm doing everything wrong," Bonner said. "To see that I've had so many positive responses, i'ts been humbling, but also refreshing. I feel rejuvenated."