A new salon encourages creativity in both hair styles and hair stylists.

"I want them to be comfortable being themselves when they come in because that's what we really appreciate here at the salon: individuality," Scarlet Strange said.

She recruited a team of individual stylists with individual style. Welcome to her new salon in Fountain City: Knoxville Beauty Collective.

Stylist Brittany Pratt dresses as Macho Man Randy Savage. She is in to Cos Play, both off and on the job.

"I think that people are in to all the nerdy stuff kind of feel comfortable. It's like, hey, here's another weirdo, I'm going to let her cut my hair," she said.

Tiffaney Howland explained, "I can walk through the salon and not get looked at like I was a freak show. Because at my last one I definitely had to tone down my look a lot and I still got some crazy reactions. So it's nice to not stick out so much."

She craves the creative vibe at her new work place. She colors, cuts, and styles hair - something she did at previous jobs - but she has more freedom.

"I have a little bit more of a more creative clientele here. We do a lot of creative color, fun funky hair cuts, so it's really been fun,"she said.

Owner Scarlet Strange said, "We do have generally super cool demographic."

Stylist Schylar Long agreed. "Everything about it is just cool."

She just rolls with it. Literally. She claims to be the only roller skating stylist in town.

"If you find something that makes you happy you've got to find a way to get paid for it. And I always said if I could find a job where I could wear my skates I would never leave. And I am really passionate about people. So when Scarlet said I could skate I was like that's it. All about it. So every day they're on my feet," she said.

Any wipe outs?

"I've not fallen, thankfully, in the salon yet. But you'll see me skating around town a lot of time and if you are really lucky you'll see me totally eat it," she said. "People are always like are you ok. And I'm just like I didn't hurt anything but my ego. I'm ok."

No ego here. Just a bunch of people soaking in the atmosphere and projecting positivity.

"Everybody can be comfortable, be themselves, feel free to talk about what they want without feeling like they are going to be judged," Tiffaney said.

Brittany said, "Where else can you go and be like Macho Man Randy Savage gave me a haircut today?"

You can go to Knoxville Beauty Collective in Fountain City, where individuality is embraced.

The owner has another salon in Rocky Hill called Absinthe.