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One in Six | Christine's Journey

After a yearslong struggle with infertility, Christine Richmond is about to start her first round of IVF. In a candid op-ed she recounts her journey.

Christine Richmond - Guest Author

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Published: 1:31 PM EST February 4, 2021
Updated: 7:10 AM EST February 8, 2021

One in six. That's the number of couples who will struggle with infertility in the United States.  It's a number that can be hard to put into perspective, especially when the struggle is so silent. 

For one week, 10News digital reporter Madison Stacey spoke with six women and one man struggling with infertility in Tennessee. Though their individual accounts through infertility vary, they are united in the same journey. 

These interviews are candid, raw, and shine a light on a variety of processes in the infertility journey. They are stories that need to be told. 

In her own words, this is Christine's Journey. 

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