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One in Six: Couples open up about the true cost of infertility in Tennessee

For families struggling with infertility, the state's lack of mandated fertility coverage worsens an already brutal journey.

Madison Stacey, Beth Haynes

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Published: 11:05 PM EST February 3, 2021
Updated: 2:07 PM EST March 11, 2022

One in six. That's the number of couples who will struggle with infertility in the U.S. 

It's a number that can be hard to put into perspective, especially when couples face shame and sadness throughout their infertility journey.

Many families are left to navigate a labyrinth of steep emotional, physical, and financial pains in silence.  

In Tennessee, this journey is exacerbated by a lack of mandated fertility coverage. 

"One in Six" is a series which shines a light on the question many couples are asking themselves in private: 

What would we pay, or give up, to have a child?

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