FRANKLIN, Tenn. — Denise Woods saw an unusual sight in the woods of her backyard last weekend.

She moved here from Florida a year ago and still can’t believe what she sees come out of those trees.

“The turkeys, the foxes, the raccoons. I like the deer. I see them every night. I watch them. I see them day and night,” said Woods.

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What she saw over the weekend was different.

“It was a shock,” she said. “I was looking out the window and I saw something white and I was ‘What is that?’ and got the binoculars. I never saw one before in my entire life.”

Most people haven’t seen an albino deer either. You have a 1-in-30,000 chance of ever seeing an Albino deer, stunning in white.

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It was a photo-taking moment.

“I got my camera and started taking pictures,” she said.

It was likely a one and done moment for Woods.

“I call it a blessing to see something like that,” said Woods.

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Albino deer are hard to find, but they have been around as long as the typical deer. Native Americans believed they were magical and bad luck to hunt them.