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Stranger pays for meal of mothers and their daughters with Down syndrome

No one at the big lunch table was able to get the name of the woman with an even bigger heart.

ST. LOUIS — This photo that a mom posted on Facebook is proof that just a simple act of kindness can really make someone's day.

Twenty people at a mother-daughter lunch at the Creve Coeur Pasta House found that out first hand. 

The Pasta House's slogan is "A St. Louis tradition," but when Mary Susanne Crockett and her 19 girlfriends showed up for lunch Monday they quickly found out their experience would be anything but traditional.

"I mean we're not petite people, so it wasn't just a little birthday luncheon," joked Crockett.

A big lunch, interrupted by someone with an even bigger heart.

"He said somebody has paid for your bill and I'm like 'Which one of our bills?' He was like 'The whole bill of like 20 people,'" Crockett said.

"I've never seen a table pay for another group that big," said one Pasta House employee.

A table filled with people, who sadly, are sometimes put down because of how they look.

This time lifted up by a complete stranger sitting next to them.

"One of our moms went over and talked to her and she said she saw our daughters and it really just tugged on her heartstrings and she knew she had to do something," explained Crockett.

Now it's got Mary, her friend, and their daughters thinking.

"How can we pay this forward so our friend Ann Hammond was talking about opportunities so we could bless someone the way we were blessed," said Crockett.

They're now planning a way to give back to someone else.