They are young athletes who are rock stars in their sport.

In fact, they have earned spots in a prestigious tournament this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Climbing indoor rock walls comes naturally to nine-year-old Brody Foster.

"I started out by climbing on everything when I walked downtown or in my house," Brody said.

The competitive sport of bouldering is more structured than that.

" I have to look at it. Read the problem. Always," 10-year-old Zoey Brown said.

The rock layout on the wall is what they call the problem. Zoey quickly figures out a route in her head then starts the climb to solve the problem in four minutes.

Jonathan Carter is the Onsight Rock Gym Head Climbing Coach.

He explained the process this way: "You're having to figure out how to I get from point A to point B. Do I need to turn my hips this way or step up higher on my toes."

The climbing team practices at Onsight Rock Gym three nights a week where they develop physical strength and problem solving skills.

"How to deal with anxiety and nervousness and to deal with failure also and also with successes," Jonathan said.

It's not failure when you fall. It's just part of the sport.

Zoey said, "You kind of get used to it. It's not bad at all."

Nine-year-old Yealiya Southern appreciates the mental demands of rock climbing.

"You have to say you've got this. And not give up because if you say something like I can't do this. I give up. You're not going to be able to do it," Yealiya said.

Zoey explained, "You have adrenaline and you get scared sometimes but you face your fears. That's what helped me a lot. And it's fun."

The climbers are going from their gym in East Tennessee to the big stage in Salt Lake City for the USA Climbing Bouldering Youth Nationals. The competition starts Friday.

Their coach Jonathan said, "It's a big pond that they are stepping in to with these top climbers from all over the country but they have been preparing for it and yes I think they are ready."

Yealiya said, "I don't think I would have made it without the help of my coach and friends."

Brody agreed. "You just keep practicing. And the team really helped me."

The rock climbers know when you hit the mat, bounce back up and climb again.

After Nationals this weekend, the climbers and their families plan to explore Salt Lake City as tourists.

UPDATE: Zoey Brown placed 12th overall in her age group and Yealiya Southern took 9th place in her age group.