A group of seniors at Heritage Assisted Living in West Knoxville have a special visitor every Friday morning.

Stanley is one of only two cats who are HABIT certified. His main job is to sit and let the residents pet him. 

“Everybody is so happy to see him. I know they know Stanley’s name, but I’m not sure they know mine," Michelle Gardner said.

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Gardner and Stanley have been coming to Heritage Assisted Living since August, and they've already formed a tight bond with the residents.

“Some of the residents tell me they think about Stanley during the week, and they have his picture and talk to him," Gardner said.

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Many of the seniors enjoy Stanley's visits because it's something different than their usual daily activities. 

“This has really been a blessing cause it’s something different for us to pay attention to," said resident Phyllis Mathews. "It’s a special thing. We can sit here and watch TV all day, and a week at a time. And to have this come in, and (Michelle), she is just a shining star.”

Gardner hopes her visits make a lasting impact on the seniors, especially those who miss their pets. 

"I hope this fills a little void for them. I know it does for me to be able to come and share him," Gardner said. 

If you would like more information about the HABIT program, you can visit their website