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A group of North Texas senior citizens take 'back to school' pics and go viral

It was the idea of an employee at Mineral Wells Nursing and Rehabilitation.

MINERAL WELLS, Texas — It was so fun looking at everyone's kiddos' back-to-school pictures this year. They were so cute!

But people at Mineral Wells Nursing and Rehab wondered: why do the kids get to have all the fun?

"We have fun here, too," said the center's marketing guru, Mandy Koenig.

Indeed they do.

They decided to take back to school pictures for their seniors, complete with that adorable chalk board so many of you use.

It was all Koenig's idea.

"One at a time, we went and got them, asked them questions," she said. "Questions like favorite food, favorite friends and what they want to be when they grow up." 

"I usually don't like to do things like that but I said well, I'll try," said resident Mary Ash.

"My favorite song was Elvis Presley's 'Love Me Tender,'" answered Alberto Aguillon.

Credit: Mineral Wells Nursing and Rehab
Back to school senior photos

And just like parents do, they then posted the photos to Facebook. 

But no one could've predicted what would come next.

"Did you have any idea it was going to make you internet famous?" we asked Aguillon Wednesday.

"No, ma'am, I didn't," he said, laughing. He told us he doesn't even know how to use Facebook.

"It just went everywhere," said resident Bernice Goen, who should know; she's an avid Facebook user.

"It went everywhere. Everyone was clicking on us and we liked it."

The back-to-school post has gone viral, shared thousands of times.

"I think everybody likes seeing something sweet and happy," Koenig said.

It was a photo shoot that showed you can start the season with genuine joy, no matter your age.

Credit: Mineral Wells Nursing and Rehab
'Back to school' senior photos

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