(WBIR - GATLINBURG) - A Sevier County boy's battle with cancer is the inspiration for a new movie.

The faith-based film centers around 12-year-old Regen Morris, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in 2012 that eventually claimed his life.

"This community came together around him." said director Jason Campbell, "It's just an amazing story."

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It's a story that the Christian filmmaker learned about while visiting Sevier County.

"Someone came up afterwards and told me this beautiful story about this beautiful young boy that had passed away, and it literally moved me." said Campbell.

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This week, Pi Beta Phi Elementary School in Gatlinburg has been transformed into a movie set. It's the same place Morris attended school and played basketball before he got sick.

"The Bible says that we are to carry one another's burdens. That's what this community did - for Regen Morris and his family, and that's the message we want to echo around the world," said Campbell.

Shooting the film is a task the whole community is involved in, but for the Morris family it has been tough.

"We have actually written several of the scenes ourselves. That was very difficult to do and rethink and remember and then go through that process again of those emotions," said Dan Morris.

Though Regen's journey has ended, Trishia and Dan Morris believe their son's legacy will share an important truth to others.

"I hope they see the message of our hope and faith in Christ and how God has really had his hand in all of this." said Dan Morris. "Hope it will draw people to a better understanding of family, understanding of helping your neighbor, and better understanding of God."

"Rootin' 4 Regen" is being filmed in Sevier County throughout the summer.

Extras and those wanting to get involved with the film are still needed, you can visit Regen Filmfor more information.

Campbell expects a November release.