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Find out which Zoo Knoxville animals are on Santa's naughty and nice list this year

Learn from the animals. Eat your greens, mind your manners and have a very happy holiday season.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Christmas is less than a week away, and Zoo Knoxville is helping Santa double-check his naughty and nice list by updating his elves on their animals.

Many of them were good as gold this year and made the nice list.


  • Dolly the Southern white rhino for minding her manners and chewing with her mouth closed
  • Radiated tortoise for loving back scratches from anyone 
  • Bea the giraffe for eating her greens (and being amazing)
  • Ripley and Lu the chimpanzees for helping with each other's grooming
  • Teagan the silver-leaf langur for eating her veggies

For others...well...there's always next year.


  • Pedzi the African crested porcupine for opening her present early
  • White-naped cranes for eating the duck food
  • Arkan forest turtles for dragging leaves into their water bowl
  • Tonka the African elephant for taking things before the keepers are ready for him to have them
  • Finn and Monty the black bears for not sharing the pool
  • Opie the scarlet macaw for his questionable dancing
  • Bantu the Western lowland gorilla for not brushing his teeth before bed

Just remember everyone, eat your greens, mind your manners and have a very happy holiday season.


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