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Knoxville to Hohenwald: Aging Zoo Knoxville elephants will find refuge at the Elephant Sanctuary

Tonka, Jana and Edie — all aging elephants — will find refuge in Hohenwald, a small city in Middle Tennessee.

WBIR Staff, Beth Haynes, William Winnett

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Published: 4:15 PM EST November 15, 2022
Updated: 2:21 PM EST November 16, 2022

For around seven decades, Zoo Knoxville has hosted elephants. Visitors would flock to see their stomping grounds, featuring some of the features native to their homeland in Africa.

But soon, the zoo's animals will trade the spotlight for around 3,000 acres of refuge at the largest elephant sanctuary in the U.S. It's just four hours from Knoxville, located in Hohenwald. It's a small city located in Middle Tennessee where the elephants will be able to enjoy wide open spaces.

Soon, the Elephant Sanctuary there will welcome Tonka, Jana and Edie as they leave the zoo behind. They will be given top-notch care and still have companionship as they age in the sanctuary's wide-open fields.

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