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Massive 300-pound gator caught in Georgia

Deputies were called to respond after it was reportedly chasing down a kayaker.

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A Georgia kayaker out on the water got an unwelcome surprise Monday after a monster gator started chasing - and wouldn't give up.

According to NBC affiliate WAGT in Augusta, Richmond County Sheriff's deputies got the call to respond to a pond off Gordon Highway. The gator was reportedly not afraid of humans, so it was deemed a nuisance. 

The deputies were trying to wrangle the massive 300-pound gator when Robbie Amerson was driving by and noticed the group. When the deputies explained what was going on, Amerson told them that his friend, Trey Durant, had a tag to kill alligators from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and that he could help.

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After two hours of pulling, the group was able to capture the gator and take it to officials to be processed. That's when they learned the gator was 10 feet, 6 inches long and weighed 360 pounds.


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