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The zoo can be magical! Nashville Zoo shows off its newest addition — a unicorn

Hugo, a southern pudu, shed one of his antlers on Tuesday. Zoo officials said that he now looks like a unicorn.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The zoo can be a magical place for people of all ages, especially when visitors can see a unicorn alongside lions, tigers and bears.

The Nashville Zoo said that one of its animals shed an antler on Tuesday, making it look like the zoo's newest unicorn. Hugo, a southern pudu, posed for pictures of his single horn and officials shared them on Twitter.

They said that male pudu shed their antlers every year, so it is normal for one antler to hang on longer than the other.

The southern pudu is one of the world's smallest deer, measuring 14-17 inches in height at the shoulder, according to officials. Usually, they spend their time alone but can travel in small groups to feed. They eat the leaves of ferns, trees, vines, herbs and shrubs.

They are also considered to be "near threatened" in the wild, as their population decreases for several reasons including parasite infection, being hunted and habitat loss.