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TWRA: Foxes are coming out to search for food, people should leave them alone

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said it's getting more reports of people seeing foxes in their neighborhoods.

East Tennesseans may have seen a few foxes scamper through their neighborhood, recently. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said that it is getting more calls of people seeing them, worried that they may be dangerous.

The TWRA said that people should simply leave foxes alone and that people shouldn't worry about them. According to officials with the TWRA, foxes just had their kits and are looking for food to feed themselves and their new offspring.

Their main sources of food are mice or rodents and rabbits, the TWRA said. Once the kits are a little older, the foxes will move on and leave neighborhoods alone once again.

Residents shouldn't leave pet food or trash outside, the TWRA said. It could attract more foxes and cause them to stay around neighborhoods longer.

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