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Rare footage captures sleuth of bears frolicking in Gatlinburg pond

If you didn't know before that a group of bears is actually called a sleuth, well, you're welcome.
Credit: Robin Sutherland

GATLINBURG, Tenn. — It's exciting seeing just one bear in Gatlinburg, but what about five? 

That's what happened to viewer Robin Sutherland, who captured this fun video of five bears making themselves at home in her backyard pond. 

"It started out with just one bear that came down an access road behind the house we built. It looked us over for several minutes and then left," Sutherland told 10News.

Five minutes later the bear returned, with friends.

The bear squad had themselves quite a time in the little pond on the Sutherland property. 

"I was watching from the window in the bedroom of the house, until they started pulling up my water plants." Sutherland said. 

Sutherland was eventually able to safely run the bears off using a marine horn. 

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