KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Original Freezo

It’s easy to spot.

The happy ice cream man that is the The Original Freezo sign dances above the streetscape as you drive along Central Avenue, inviting you to stop by for a tasty cone. 

The Original Freezo
The Original Freezo is a one-stop shop for a sweet treat or hot tamale.

It’s a decades-old establishment-- they've been dispensing ice cream since 1942.

And whether it’s a hot day or a cold day, they’ve got something to fit your fancy. Homemade hot tamales and chili allow the ice cream spot to stay open during cold weather. But of course you can still get a cone, if you like. 

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The Original Freezo is located at 1305 North Central Street.

Time Warp Tearoom

Businesses have come and gone along Central Avenue, but one eclectic shop has stood the test of time, literally.

From the outside, Time Warp Tearoom has all the decor of a motorcycle store. It's a theme that continues and expands as you step inside a space filled with Knoxville memorabilia.

Time Warp Tearoom
The Time Warp Tearoom has been on Central Street for years; first as a repair shop, then as a cafe.

Newspapers and old photos cover the walls. A jukebox plays old time tunes as customers grab a coffee or pastry, surrounded by vintage bikes.

It was music and motorcycles that started it all for owner Dan Moriarty. 32 years ago he first used the building to maintain jukeboxes and pinball machines for other businesses. A biker enthusiast, he's traveled all over the country and began collecting vintage pieces, parts and other antiques.

Jukebox at Time Warp Tearoom
Customers can drop a coin in the jukebox and enjoy old time tunes as they eat their meal inside the Time Warp Tearoom.

In October of 2002 he opened the tearoom. As other businesses left and buildings were demolished, Moriarty worked to rescued pieces of Knoxville's past. A cabinet here, a table there. The wooden booths that line the wall were salvaged from a now-demolished restaurant that sat next to the Standard Knitting Mill. The bar counter was removed from a bar in Market Square in the 80’s, refurbished by Dan’s nephew and added to the space. Old yearbooks from Knoxville High and Fulton sit at the “round table” for customers to flip through and reminisce. 

Guests can enjoy coffee, tea and food in a truly unique atmosphere. Moriarty has seen the landscape of Central St. change constantly, and is excited to see the growth along the street. 

He welcomes curiosity-seekers to stop for a visit into his mini-museum.

And on Tuesday nights, you'll find motorcycles parked alongside the sidewalk and a game room full of people playing pool or old pinball machines.

Time Warp Tearoom is located at 1209 North Central Street. 

Three Rivers Market

A fresh taste of Central Street awaits you at Knoxville’s first and only food cooperative.

Three Rivers Market offers healthy, natural and organic foods from many local vendors. The co-op was an idea that started back in the 70's. Throughout the years it's grown, creating a building space that would officially become the space we see today.

Three Rivers Market
Three Rivers Market is Knoxville’s first and only food cooperative.

The market focuses on introducing sustainable products to Knoxville, and encourages recycling and protecting the environment. Bike racks and charging stations for electric vehicles are available for customers. If you’ve got your pup with you, there’s beds and water stations for them to relax at outside the doors as you shop.

“We feel great about the growth that's happening on North Central, we strongly support the development and growth of small, local and independent businesses and we welcome everyone to join us in creating and nourishing a health environment, people and community,” Marin Wooley, the member and customer service manager of the store, said.

Three Rivers Market produce
Fresh produce greets customers as they step through the doors.

Three Rivers is not just a spot to grab your groceries-- they also have a hot bar open daily with breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Plus, a seating area provides visitors a place to enjoy inside; or, if the weather is nice, you can grab a seat on the outdoor patio.

Anyone can shop for food selection inside the store, but you can also reap more benefits by becoming a member of the co-op.

Three Rivers Market is located at 110 North Central Street.