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Family of newlyweds killed in I-40 crash reflects on losing loved ones

"It's the worst thing that a mother can go through," said the mother of Jessiah Plemons, who was killed in a crash on I-40.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Three young people died in a crash along I-40 Sunday morning. One mother lost both her son, Jessiah Plemons, and her new daughter-in-law, Lillian Rose.

"I get this knock on my door Sunday morning that I wasn't ever gonna get to see him again," said Jessiah's mother, Michelle Plemons. "It's the worst thing that a mother can go through."

Jessiah and Lily were a newlywed couple and had gotten married Friday. The couple leaves behind four children and Plemons said the couple was taken away too soon.

"Jess was my everything, the glue that held our family together," Plemons said. "Lily made my baby happy up until the very end."

Plemons said Jessiah and Lily were meant to be together.

"She is just such a sweet girl. She brightened the room and they looked so happy together," Plemons said." It's made me feel more and more alive, knowing Jess did a lot of great things out here before all this." 

She said she will always remember the impact Jessiah and Lily had on so many people. There was still much to accomplish for the happy couple.

Plemons said Jessiah was a great parent and his children will miss him. It hasn't been easy for Plemons, but she said she is grateful for the support she has gotten.

"If it wasn't for all the kind words that they have given me and said about my Jess, I don't know if I could've made it this far," Plemons said.

Plemons said there's a GoFundMe to help raise money for the funerals and memorials of Jessiah and Lily.