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Healing is a long journey: Tennessee group releases license plate design to honor lost loved ones

The design is meant to be easily understandable by other drivers.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Healing after losing a loved one can be a long and difficult journey, especially for victims of crime.

Tennessee Voices for Victims hopes that by spreading the memories of people who were lost, those they left behind can begin to heal. They are working to launch a specialty license plate that honors lost loved ones as part of its "#RemembranceMovement."

“Healing can be incredibly difficult for anyone that has lost someone by violent crime, or any other tragic loss,” Verna Wyatt said in a press release, co-founder of Tennessee Voices for Victims. “This specialty license plate is a simple, tangible way to help keep memories alive and honor those that have gone too soon.”

The group works to help victims of crime across the state network with each other and work together towards healing. It does this through a variety of advocacy efforts, prevention classes and presentations.

The plates are designed to be bright and simple. They feature a bright-red, broken heart on the left side. The word 'Remember' is written in bold, capital letters along the bottom of the license plate. It is meant to be easily understandable by other drivers, the group said.

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It was designed by Nashville artist Phil Ponder, who is known for painting historic structures in Tennessee. 

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They need to sell 1,000 plates by June 30 before the design will be made available across Tennessee indefinitely. If it does not sell 1,000 plates by the deadline, purchases will be refunded. Each plate costs $37 and can be purchased online.

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